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    Fun Colourwork Knitting Patterns!

Join Ruby's Knit Club!

If you already enjoy or would like to learn how to knit colour work then this club is going to be of interest to you!  You might already be familiar with my animal portrait cushions, well this club is for something that is a bit different.  This club includes smaller designs in all different themes that can be used to knit loads of fun projects for the home, for gifts, for children and not forgetting for pets!  

These patterns will not be available anywhere else, they are exclusively for Ruby’s Knit Club! members only.

So what does membership include?

  • Every month you will receive a set of 4 themed design charts and a simple project suggestion.  See my patterns page to see the sort of things to expect.
  • You help to pick what the theme will be each month!  You tell me what you would like me to design, I send out a link to a poll where you can vote for your favourite idea, and the most popular choice each month I will create.
  • The patterns are quite quick and easy if you are a confident knitter and can be completed in a weekend. They are also great for using up leftovers and scraps of yarn as only small amounts are needed.
  • All charts are interchangeable with each project, so you can mix and match which designs to use for each project. You can also build up your collection for larger projects like blankets and throws. I’m also looking forward to seeing what uses of your own you come up with!
  • Finally, I want to be your personal knitting tutor and to help with any knitting problems you may be having with colourwork.  Simply get in touch if you wish to book in some time with me.

There are further details below, but if you have any other questions please get in touch with me at [email protected]

Subscription Membership

Select the monthly subscription option and pay only £4.00 each month 

with your first month free!

Monthly - £4.00

Select the yearly subscription option and pay £40 each year 

and get 2 months free!

Yearly - £40.00

Gift Membership

You can purchase one off membership packages as a gift for a friend or for yourself.  

The perfect gift for a knitting lover, with up to a whole year of knitting ideas and inspiration!

6 Month Gift Membership £24

Rubys Knit Club - 6 month

12 Month Gift Membership £48

Rubys Knit Club - 12 month


How do you take payment?

Payment is taken securely through PayPal, either as a one off for the Gift Memberships, or each month or year for the subscription options.

When and how will I receive my patterns?

Knitting patterns are emailed out during the first week of each month after payment has been received.  They will be sent to the email address of the PayPal account that payment was received from.  If you have purchased a gift subscription I will be in contact to confirm the email address you wish the patterns to be sent to.

What size are the charts?

Each of the 4 colour-work charts should knit up to approximately 20cmx20cm when using DK yarn and 4mm needles, or use all 4 together to make a 40cmx40cm square, which is perfect for a cushion.

Is there a minimum subscription length?

No you can cancel at any time.

Can I buy a subscription as a gift for someone else?

Yes, there are options to purchase either a 6 or 12 month fixed term gift subscription for a friend, or yourself if you do not want a recurring subscription.  After purchase I will be in contact to confirm the email address you wish the patterns to be sent to.

Can I buy a pattern from a previous month before I was a subscriber?

Yes, all subscribers have access to the Ruby’s Knit Club back catalogue. These are available to purchase for £4.00 each and can be viewed on the 'Patterns' tab.  Please email me to arrange a purchase – [email protected]

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through your PayPal account.